SXSW – Austin’s Premier Event

If you are planning on participating or having booth at South By Southwest (SXSW) this year,  don’t forget about SWAG!!  Make sure that the tens of thousands of people that will be attending the event this year will remember YOU, YOUR company/startup, YOUR Brand.


MopToppersStand out from the crowd by handing out a unique and memorable gift like the new mop toppers; a pen, stylus & screen cleaner in one unique "package":











Ready to make some noise? You will be the headliner at the show when you hand out these hip & amazing musically themed promotional items.









"Plug" it in!  Your company gets "plugged" every time these wall chargers get used to charge cell phones!











Don't get left out in the cold.  Keep your logo "at hand" with one of the best promotional items out there.  Who doesn't use these, like, everyday...









If you REALLY want to make an impression hand out these power banks with a blue tooth activated selfie taker.









Get carried away, and to the grocery store (time & time again) with reusable totes:







These are just a few of the millions of options for promotional giveaways.  We specialize in finding the right one for you, so give us a call or email us and we can come up with some ideas that will make your logo look remarkable and be memorable!  or  866-764-7635

Stressed out? …Say goodbye with stress balls

Are you feeling stressed? Me too!

According to the 2000 National Health Interview survey (which was before the recession!) 75% of the general population experiences at least “some stress” every two weeks.

So, you take a hot bath. Go to the spa. Take a nap. Have a glass of wine. Go for a run. Or you could squeeze something REALLY REALLY hard!

Stress balls

The first stress ball originated in China during the Ming Dynasty in 1368 A.D. and they were called Baoding Balls. Since then, the stress ball has evolved. They can now be so much more than a ball:

You could use a stress stoplight (stop the stress....get it?):

Traffic Signal Stress Reliever

Or a stress heart (squeeze the life out of an imaginary person):


How about a beer mug (until you can have a real beer later this evening):



Match the perfect stress reliever with your business message and put your logo in the hands you need it in.


Call 866-764-7635 or Email us LogoStuff @ to save time - we'll think up creative ideas for you.