andout'>From humdrum to Hip – making your apparel standout

We’ve all seen those promotional t-shirts handed out en masse to the general public, branded with various logos and designs. The intent is for them to be used as an ongoing exposure tool, but more often than not, people will just simply treat them as “work around the house" shirts, or they'll only wear them if they missed laundry day. What gives?

The problem is most businesses don't understand that we are ALL fully WILLING to wear promotional clothing, businesses just need to take a better approach. There are dozens of successful companies out there that plaster their logo all over their products and we consumers seek ways to pay full price for branded apparel like this. Not only that, but we have no qualms about wearing it out and about.

The biggest difference is, those companies have firmly established themselves in the collective psyche, as apparel is their main focus. They've spent millions upon millions of dollars to market their brand and their product. So how do you as a non-apparel business get a slice of that pie? It's really quite simple, actually; you have to shift your perceptions of promotional apparel and you have to entice people into wanting to wear your brand.

We, at Power Of Two Promotions, are ready to help transform your promotional apparel from "humdrum to hip" by choosing the right type of clothing and creating a fashionable design with your logo & message.

If you're considering branded apparel to give to your customers or to the general public, consider this first - choose appealing designs and motifs. Make them want to wear your brand, just like the big-name companies do. And of course, people are a lot more willing to accept branded apparel if it's free, so consider handing out logo'd shirts at trade shows as prizes, or give them out at your booth if your customers sign up for your mailing list. If you give away a shirt that people are willing to pay for, the perceived value of that gift is high, elevating the perceived value of YOUR brand. It's a one-two punch for your marketing efforts, and if you've chosen the right designs, your customer will happily give you

valuable exposure for your business for years to come.

Second point: professional brand/company reinforcement. If your employees work around your local area, provide them with appropriate branded apparel for the work they do. If your business is focused on construction, provide your employees with branded workwear. If your employees make house calls, give them logo'd dress shirts or polos. Not only are you providing them with job-specific uniforms, you're also creating exposure for your business at the same time. (These are only a few examples, but there are plenty more ideas you can consider, and we're always happy to brainstorm with you!)

Take a look at our extensive Apparel Catalog for products to fit every niche. From t-shirts to workwear to bags and accessories, we can assure you that you'll find the right promotional products to help you gain extra exposure for your business identity. Give us a call and let us help you!